Childless not by Choice , Radio Station Second show

This is my second broadcast for my radio show 21st Century Hannah! 21st Century Hannah is a radio show, a series of books, my platform.  In 21st Century Hannah, I speak to and encourage women like myself, who wanted but could not have children. Yes, I did try adoption, no, it did not work out. I believe the subject of childlessness not by choice is typically misunderstood and avoided in society. I believe God has prompted me to start the conversation. 


I wrote a 31-day devotional geared toward the woman childless not by choice. And I am working on a 365-day devotional of similar subject-matter, but more interactive. I am also working on a novel about my journey through and in the world of childlessness. If you have a similar story, or you know someone who does, this show is for you! 

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