my interview on the That Anita Live Show

My interview with That Anita Live was done in 2017, so a couple of changes since then: The name of my Podcast is Childless not by Choice, and I do blog about childlessness. I really enjoyed this interview, and I hope you will too!

Childless not by Choice, My Interview with Traci Nichols, Manufacturer Mishaps

In 21st Century Hannah, I talk to women like myself, who wanted but could not have children. I believe the topic of childless not by choice is a subject that is typically avoided in our society.

21st Century Hannah is a series of books, it is my Podcast, it is my platform. I wrote a 31-day devotional geared toward the woman childless not by choice. I am writing a 365-day devotional of similar content, with more interaction.

If you are childless not by choice or know someone who is, 21st Century Hannah is for you! 

In this episode, I interview Traci about the birth control device that ultimately caused her to become childless not by choice.  My hope is that this episode brings awareness.  Many times we think childlessness happens via physical issues.  But then we hear an episode like this one, and we realize there are many paths to childlessness not by choice.

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