Episode 87–Post-Mother’s Day Monologue, How did you do?

Hello everyone! Welcome back to Childless not by Choice, where my mission is to recognize and speak to the broken hearts of childless not by choice women, and men, around the world.  Civilla Morgan here! I am spreading the great news that we can live a joyful, relevant, and fulfilled life, although we could not, did not, have the children we so wanted.


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Well, this is a short post-Mother’s Day episode where I stop by to catch up with you. How did you do? I hope all went well. 

We are always thankful that our moms are recognized. But there is that dread because there is no one to call us mommy. That elephant in the room!

Be sure to check out the tips, ‘ Self-care tips for the childless not by choice woman on Mother’s Day’.

Other episodes mentioned in this episode:

We have that internal battle going on, negative thoughts and feelings, society’s norms, how others feel about us, other people imposing their opinions on us.

If Mother’s Day didn’t go so well this year, there is always next year!

There are so many childless not by choice platforms.  I don’t want you to feel like there are no resources out there like I felt when I first realized I would not be having any children.

Global conversation for and about the of the childless not by choice demographic is taking place!

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‘To recognize and speak to the broken hearts of childless not by choice women, and men, around the world.’

Spreading the great news that we can live a joyful, relevant, and fulfilled life’.

Until next time! Bye!

Childless Not by Choice From a Man’s Point of View, with fellow Podcaster Dr. Vibe

This is a conversational blab interview with fellow Podcaster, award winning Dr. Vibe. It was such an honor to have Dr. Vibe co-host with me. I could not think of a better person to help get the word out about childlessness not by choice, from a man’s point of view.

This subject-matter of men childless not by choice is just as tough as women childless not by choice, just in a different way; because men and women act and react differently to adversity. But the hurt is the same.

Please feel free to share this interview especially with men who are childless not by choice. Please tell them there is an advocate on the scene, and that advocate’s name is Civilla M. Morgan!

Thank you to all of my listeners around the world! You all are awesome! Please continue to listen and share in 2016! 

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Childless not by Choice, What do I do with the rest of my life?

21st Century Hannah is a radio show, a series of books, my platform.  In 21st Century Hannah, I talk to women like myself, who wanted but could not have children.

I believe the topic of childlessness not by choice is a subject that is typically avoided in society. I believe God has prompted me to start the conversation. 

I have written a 31-day devotional, and I am working on a 365-day devotional. If you have a similar story, or you know someone who does, this show is for you! 

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