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Success & the Female Entrepreneur, Donna Woolam with Civilla Morgan

Hi Everyone!

I am so excited you are listening to this interview.  This is an interview that was conducted on blab. For those of you not familiar with blab, it is a relatively new platform created by the folks at Twitter, so you can actually log in with your Twitter credentials. 

blab is done in video format, so you may hear descriptions during the video as I show a copy of my latest book.  Feel free to go to and search for the title above, to see the video.

This interview is slightly different than the interviews I usually do or agree to, because it is based on my business from an entrepreneurial point of view. I enjoyed the interview immensely because the subject-matter was slightly different yet the same.

 Again I want to thank you for taking the time to download and listen to all of my shows. I would appreciate it if you would do two things: subscribe to my podcast, and tell your friends! You are appreciated!

Here is my contact information:

You may also find me on:

Twitter, @civilla1

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Periscope, Civilla M. Morgan


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