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Interview, Living at my Best with Donna Woolam

Hello Everyone!

It is always such a pleasure to bring you fresh content. In this episode I had the honor to be interviewed by fellow Podcaster 

Donna K. Woolam.  Mrs. Woolam is also an Author, Speaker, and Empowered Life Trainer.  It was truly an honor.

It seems that each of my interviews is quite different than the previous one. Sometimes as I am critiquing myself I see where improvement is needed, or where I left a piece of information out. But we all critique ourselves don’t we?

What I really love about this entire interview is how Donna’s questions prompt me to encourage women who are going through the same or similar circumstances. I feel like I was able to, through my experiences, help other women in similar situations, realize that it boils down to choice.  “Some days you have to hang on with your fingernails.”

I didn’t realize it until she mentioned it, that in praying for other people’s children, in pouring into my nephews when they were children, that I chose to do it. Some things you do not realize until someone else notices.

By the way, I believe what triggered me to pray again, even if not right away, was after I went to see a psychologist about the constant crying.  

Well, I really hope you will enjoy this interview, and I hope you will share it with others.

It is truly an honor to know that you are listening to my show.

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Thank you!

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