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Finding comfort through Sadey

Finding comfort through Sadey


Yes, my dogs have birthday parties and get ice cream cones in the drive through!  My dogs are my babies. I do not pretend that they are human, but I love them and care for them the best way I can.  They are not spoiled. They are just very well taken care of. You see, I did not choose to be childless. I did not choose to be a dog mom.  It just happened.

One day I went to a pet adoption event and there she was.  A black fur ball who had just been spayed. Our eyes locked and I knew she was mine.  I had found a soul mate. Sadey was 3 at the time and lived 15 more years with us.

At a family Christmas party early in December 2001, I watched her tail go faster and faster as my husband helped my niece open a talking Care Bear.  I saw her disappointment when she realized it was not for her.

On another Christmas Eve, I ran around to several Walmart stores, searching for a talking Care Bear for my baby.  I found one on my third Walmart stop. I took the last one on the shelf and honestly, I would have fought anyone who tried to take it from me. She loved that bear and she deserved that bear.  To me, she deserved anything as I could never repay her for all she gave to me.

We had many more adventures together; cabin trips, camping, parks, and just being together.  In 2008 my depression was bad and Sadey comforted me. She was an angel here on this earth. 

One day in 2016 she looked at us and we both knew it was time.  She wanted to go home. We had the doctor come to our home and she locked eyes with me one more time and took her last breath.  I believe she is in heaven waiting for us.

Sadey gave me a purpose.  I was able to take care of her and in return, I found the most selfless love I have ever found.  I know that animals are here to comfort us. That is why they are used as therapy animals. They break down the toughest barriers with their unconditional love. Studies show that the hormone released when breastfeeding is the same hormone released when petting a dog.  Not only in the human but also in the dog. That hormone helps in the bonding process. It helps with depression. But I do not need science to prove to me that pets make a difference. Sadey had such a special spirit that she filled the void of being childless. I did not even realize I was missing something.  

When she died it was hands down the hardest time for me because I not only grieved the loss of my fur baby but I grieved never having a human child.  I did not think anything could help me. I did not think I could love another dog like Sadey.

Then we found Madi and she helped heal a lot of my loss.  She will never be Sadey but she is helpful in different ways.  Life is hard without Sadey but I can’t imagine it without Madi.  I actually did not even look for this group until after we found Madi.  

We are not meant to go through this life alone.  If it is a bird, rabbit, cat, or pig; whatever animal you connect with; your heart needs that unconditional love connection.  Allow your pets to help you heal. 




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