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Episode 64–I Feel Like a Fraud

Episode 64–I Feel Like a Fraud

Episode 64— I Feel Like a Fraud

Hello everyone!

Thank you for visiting another episode of 21st Century Hannah! I appreciate your taking the time to listen in once again. Thank you to my repeat listeners. And if you are listening for the first time, I hope you will come back for another visit!

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Shout outs: Carla from CO. Thank you for your wonderful email, and for sharing your blog with me. In reading her email and blog, I recognized that we have had very similar experiences as childless not by choice women. Thank you, Carla, for reach out!


I feel like a fraud…

That’s what I told my brother. And that’s what I told a very good friend of mine. It was a few days after Mother’s Day here in the US. I had been afraid to verbalize it to anyone because I wasn’t sure what reaction I would get.

How could I possibly be two years into building a platform created to help women who are childless not by choice feel better about themselves. Feel better about their lives. Many of you know, my byline: ‘Living a joyful and relevant life although childless not by choice.’

It all started a few days before Mother’s Day. It always does.


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p.s. There is a lot of conversation going on in the Facebook Group Childless not by Choice. If you are childless not by choice and would like to join the conversation in a judgment-free zone, stop by and become a group member!  

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