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Episode 61–Alternative Nutrition

Episode 61–Alternative Nutrition

Hello everyone!

Thank you for visiting another episode of 21st Century Hannah! I appreciate your taking the time to listen in once again. Thank you to my repeat listeners. And if you are listening for the first time, I hope you will come back for another visit!  Remember to tell your friends about the show, and feel free to share to your social media followers! I would appreciate that!


  • Well, this is a short episode. We are right in the middle of a mini-series where I am devoting an entire episode each, to the four most familiar infertility disease states; at least what I believe are the most familiar: PCOS, Endometriosis, Miscarriage, and Fibroids.


  • We just did the Miscarriage episode, and the final episode in this mini-series will be on Fibroids. But I wanted to stop by with this mini-episode to talk about all the different types of nutritional supplementations that are out there right now.


  • The buzz lately has been about gluten free, organic, essential oils, healthy shakes, and smoothies, etc. I will admit I have tried many of these things, and in fact, I do continue to use some things on this list. And while I am not here to sponsor or support any one product, I will say that the healthier we can eat, the better we can treat out bodies, of course, the better we will feel physically.


  • As you search for what works for you, be aware of triggers. There are mental and emotional triggers, and there are food triggers. Don’t ignore the triggers.   


  • The fact is, as childless not by choice people, we are already feeling a certain way emotionally, mentally, physically; and maybe even spiritually. Opt not add bad eating to that list. The key to living positively in this space is to do our best in each area of our lives.


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