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Episode 129–Childless not by Choice Voices Give Hope on Mother’s Day

Episode 129–Childless not by Choice Voices Give Hope on Mother’s Day


Hello, and welcome to episode 129 of the Childless not by Choice Podcast. My name is Civilla Morgan. My mission is to recognize and speak to childless not by choice women and men around the world, reminding you that you can live a joyful, relevant, fulfilled, childless not by choice, life.  

I also welcome you if you are not childless not by choice. Maybe you did not want children, maybe you have children. Thank you for tuning in.  

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Well, I have a really cool surprise for you! I reached out to several women from around the world and asked them to talk to us about how they manage Mother’s Day. Each woman had three minutes to tell us about them, what they do on Mother’s Day, and how you can follow them on their platforms.  Yes, that’s right. I know you enjoy hearing my voice. Many have told me so. It’s humbling to hear how this podcast helps you manage your childless not by choice life episode after episode. And you know what, I hope I can continue to add value to your journey. In other words, I hope you will continue listening. 

But the ladies you are about to hear from, well I follow or have had some interaction with all but one of them. I want you to hear their voices because I feel they are adding a great deal of value to the childless not by choice community globally.  

I will be back to close out the episode after we have heard from these wonderful women. 

Body of episode content:


Bindi Shah

Karen Enfield

Nicci Fletcher

Brandi Lytle

Raphie Wagner

Ina Diaz

Berenice Smith

Yvonne John

Sarah Lawrence

Jody Day

Civilla Morgan


Well, what did you think? I hope these beautiful voices were a source of encouragement as you make your way through Mother’s Day, whenever that is for you. I mean I had no idea Mother’s Day was in December in Panama. Christmas and Mother’s Day in one month! Wow! 

Well, Mother’s Day is in May here in the US. It is a doubly tough month for me as this year will be two years since I lost my beloved mommy.  Her birthday was in March. So, March is her birthday, and then she leaves us two months later, three days before Mother’s Day. 

I know I’m probably hitting all types of triggers. It is not my intention to cause triggers and tears, but I want to remind you that we are all on this journey together. There are differences, yes. Some of you do not/did not have a great relationship with your mothers. Some of you are married without children. Like me, some of you are single and childless. 

I could go on. But the bottom line is this: your journey, your path, your childlessness; does not affect your worth. It never has and it never will. You are worthy. Your path is worthy. Your journey is worthy. Hold your head up, look straight ahead, and keep walking. Happy Mother’s Day.     

What is celebrated in May: 

May 1 is Lei Day in Hawaii

May 2: World Tuna Day

May 4–11: Root Canal Awareness Week

May 5 is Cinco de Mayo

May 8: No Socks Day

May 9 is Mother’s Day (United States)

May 14: Dance Like a Chicken Day

May 31 is Memorial Day

Special thank you to:

Special THANK YOU to all of the wonderful women who took part in this episode! 

‘Be responsibly selfish.’-Sarah Lawrence.

‘Mothering is a verb, not a noun.’-Jody Day. 

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