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International Suicide Hotline numbers:

National (United States of America) Suicide Prevention Hotline:


Eldercare. If we live long enough, we will all get there:

MedlinePlus ( Trusted Health Information for you.

To get updates by email when new information becomes available on MedlinePlus, sign up at:

For residents of Hawaii:

CSI, Inc. (Comfort, Security, Independence)
is a Hawaii nonprofit whose experienced case managers specialize in managing the financial
affairs of the elderly or people with disabilities.

Planning for your future can be difficult. There are difficult questions you must ask yourself. And there may be tough answers. But it is best if you can ask and answer those questions before you have to.

“A simple way to document the medical care you would want if you had dementia”. 
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Check out the website:
If you are a caregiver, sometimes you need a moment to recharge your battery.  Click the link below to locate respite care near you!  (USA)