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Childless not by Choice, Shame

Hello everyone! 

Thanks for coming back and listening to another episode of 21st Century Hannah! I so appreciate your taking the time to listen. I especially want to thank those of you who are repeat listeners. I am truly humbled. 

I hope you are telling your friends about the show. Feel free to share the show to your social media followers! I would appreciate that!

Well, today’s show is about shame! Yes, I am going there. As I say continually: If I am not transparent, then what’s the point? I believe that especially on the subject of childless not by choice, transparency is key. Of course with the utmost class and professionalism.  

So, here are the show notes:

  •    :23 thank my sponsors
  • [2:58] Welcome
  • [4:38] Thank you Ebonie Henry, episode Childless BY Choice (6/27/2016)
  • [4:57] Thank you Reshell Smith, two episodes on Finance for the childless not by choice woman (6/13/2016 and 8/23/2015).
  • [5:50] Thank you Lesley Pine, Childless not by Choice from across the Pond. The discussion is taking place worldwide! (4/25/2016)
  • 6:06 Thank you Emine Cay Masters, MD (Video interview which can be viewed directly on my website,, 4/29/2016).
  • [7:24] Beginning of show–Shame

Thank you so much for listening! Remember to drop me a line at, or leave me a voicemail on Speakpipe, via my website. I would love a review on iTunes. To be candid, I believe reviews help add credibility, whether it is for an author, a blogger, or indeed for a podcaster. 

Search iTunes for 21st Century Hannah, and leave me a review, or go to my website and just below each episode are several links. One of them is ‘leave a review’, the other takes you to iTunes. It’s that easy.    

COMING SOON: I am working on content that will help women, and men, who are childless not by choice. The content will be consumed in an online classroom setting. I can’t wait to roll out these classes! I will keep you posted!


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Until next time! Bye!


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