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Childless not by Choice, Interview with Lesley Pyne

Childless not by Choice, Interview with Lesley Pyne

Hi everyone! Thanks for stopping by once again. It is truly appreciated. In this episode, I had the great opportunity to interview United Kingdom based childless not by choice advocate Lesley Pyne.  

We discussed her 10-year struggle with childlessness before coming to terms with the fact that she would not have children.

We talked about the fact that as women around the world who advocate for the childless not by choice community, this is not a competition.  We need to help where we are.

In this interview, Lesley and I discuss her becoming a Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) Master Practitioner, as she traveled her road of childlessness. We talked about how NLP helped her, and how she in turn uses it to help others.

As our interview continued, we talked about whether or not NLP completely heals, and the fact that it is a great deal of help, though not necessarily something that completely helps.  

We talked about how time heals to some extent, the journey through childlessness. In fact, Lesley, mentioned that she is now happy with her childlessness, which of course solicited more questions!  It was an interesting conversation. And I hope this interview is as helpful to you, as it was to me.

Thank you so much Lesley Pyne for doing what you do, where you are.   



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