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Childless BY Choice, My interview with Ms. Ebonie Henry

Childless BY Choice, My interview with Ms. Ebonie Henry

Hello everyone!  Thank you so much for stopping by once again! I believe you are going to love this episode! I know it really gave me food for thought.  This episode reminded me of something I always say in honor and defense of the childless not by choice community worldwide: Not everyone is living the same kind of life.

I also realized that whether we are childless not by choice or we are childless by choice, we can still meet with the same resistance from society. Most people mean well, but there are some who continue to believe they have a say in someone else’s choices, or lack thereof.

My interview with Ms. Henry I believe, will more than prove that point.  While I continue to champion the cause of women (and men) who are childless not by choice, I believe even those of us who wanted children can and should take a moment to see how those who chose not to have children fare in society. 

Tell me what you think about this episode. I would love to hear from you. And of course please share the episode with your family and friends, especially those who are childless not by choice; and in this case those who are childless by choice. As human beings, we have so much more in common than not.     

If you would like to speak to Ebonie Henry directly, she advised that it is OK to reach out to her on Facebook.  

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