Guest Blogger Guidelines

Guest Blogger Guidelines

Tell us how you have faced being childless not by choice, anything positive that has helped you on your journey:


A certain type of diet



Your spouse

A certain friend or family member who understands your pain, and just knows how to console you.

  • 600-1000 words
  • Create six to seven sentences per paragraph.
  • Each paragraph should have a theme.
  • End the blog post with an encouraging word for the reader. We want the reader who most likely will be childless not by choice herself, to walk away feeling that she can make it through this journey. Because she can.
  • I will go over/edit/make suggestions on your draft, send it back to you for review.
  • Once you give the go-ahead, I will finalize the draft, add pictures, and schedule it.
  • Blogs post on the 20th of each month, although I reserve the right to post your blog at any time during the month we agree upon.


  • Email your draft to

Small print, aka terms and conditions for guest bloggers:

  1. As a guest blogger, your content will always be attributed to you. Your name will be listed as the author on any content you contribute.
  2. Please be sure that what you are sending is original content.
  3. If you are a professional Blogger, feel free to add a link back to your blog if it pertains to our childless, not by choice subject-matter. PLEASE DO NOT add links to businesses. Your post will not be accepted if you do. I will check.
  4. There will be no monetary consideration for your blog contribution. But as a guest blogger, with name attribution, you will gain recognition the more readership your blog receives.
  5. NOTE: Once your blog goes live, please check your blog post from time to time and respond to any posts from your readers.
  6. Thus, I reserve the right to post your blog on my social media platforms, and I suggest you do the same as that is what will gain more readership.
  7. Because our guest bloggers are group members who may not want to give full access by listing their surname, we generally use first name and last initial only. If you would like your full name used, please let me know immediately.     
  8. While I reserve the right to amend posts, please do take the time to check grammar. Any changes I make should be on syntax or sentence structure, not grammar.
  9. I reserve the right to take down a blog post at any time, without warning.
  10. Thank you for your submission. I will treat it with the same respect I treat mine!