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Bonus episode–Privilege–It’s Like a Blanket

Bonus episode–Privilege–It’s Like a Blanket

As a Podcaster, fortunate to have a platform where I speak to and encourage the childless not by choice global community, I feel humbled and thankful.

I could not continue on, however, without addressing the social and civil unrest, AND the rightful marches of protests that are currently happening in the United States where I live.

I am heartbroken to have had to see in 2020, a man murdered in broad daylight by the person who was supposed to protect and serve him. The first time I shed tears was the day his brother arrived at the site where he was murdered. My heart broke yet again. Every time I see his brother I cry. It could have been my family member.

It’s the 21st Century, but for many people of color, it could be the 1960’s, the 1860’s, or earlier in human history where people of color were enslaved and dehumanized.

Having a two-term black president did not seem to help much although it was much more than I thought I would see in my lifetime.  Yet here we go again.

I recognize that I have listeners from around the world and that the laws of your country may be different than the laws of The United States of America. But I believe you will still understand the meaning of this four-minute recording I created in honor of Mr. George Lloyd and all of the people of color who have died, unarmed, at the hand of the law keepers of this land.

Thank you for listening.

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