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My two-year podcastiversary

My two-year podcastiversary

Two years ago, this month I started podcasting, learning on the go. It was the most intriguing thing to me. A platform where I could get my message out to the world about the childless not by choice demographic! Especially when I planned from the beginning to get my message out globally, not knowing exactly how it would be done. 

As the months rolled by, I continued to work on building my childless not by choice platform, concentrating on website and podcast content.  After pushing back for a full year, my podcast producer finally convinced me to schedule my episodes. Once I agreed to a podcast schedule, I began to feel like a professional podcaster! I was compelled to stay ahead with my episodes, as falling behind schedule stressed me out! Not having an episode ready for its scheduled posting date was not a good look.

Many late-night hours have been put into the website and podcast, and there is work being done on them all the time, even now. In fact, I could not go any further without mentioning that just about all the technical work done on both the podcast and website, was done by my podcast producer/web builder, Kevin Scullion of Alba Digital Media.

Early in my journey, I had prayed for God to send someone to help me, to teach me since I did not know what I did not know. And along came this man from halfway around the world, five hours ahead of me; who would stay up via Skype, and work with me to build what you currently see today. I will always be thankful to and for him.  He has been a true mentor.

Alba Digital Media manages and creates for many clients, and I feel fortunate to be one of those clients. And to prove what a wonderful match he is not only to myself but also to his other clients, he too is a podcaster.  I have listened to every single episode of Passing Places!  So of course, when he makes suggestions I know he knows of what he speaks. But in true fashion, I did not always agree with his suggestions. Typical me. Thankfully, he has always been patient. And he’s always been right.

As I continued immersing myself into the world of podcasting, I started listening to other podcasts, including podcasts about podcasting. I am currently subscribed to 49 podcasts, down from 53!

I continue to learn from podcasters who have been in the business from the beginning and don’t mind sharing.  Podcasters generally love to share and help each other. And that has made all the difference in the world as my podcast has evolved with better sound and better content. I have felt the encouragement not to give up during the rough times. Those times when I wanted to give up because I was not enjoying the thousands of monthly downloads that many other podcasters have. I have had to learn not to compare myself to others, to put blinders on, and to continue making improvements.  And to just continue podcasting. 

I am so honored to be a part of this community. They have gifted me a ticket to a podcaster’s convention when I could not afford to go. I have received recognition during Women’s history month. The community is always ready to respond with suggestions when I post queries. And although I can hardly believe I’ve made it to two years, I know I still have a long way to go, and a lot more to learn. But that’s OK, my dream of helping women, and men on a global level is coming true.

At the two-year mark, I am beginning to see the fruits of my labor, Just as Kevin predicted. I am looking forward to many, many more years of podcasting, blogging, building, and helping!

Cheers to 21st Century Hannah, and to Childless not by Choice!   And thank you for listening in, sending words of encouragement, and telling others about the platform. YOU are amazing!


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