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We can sometimes feel overwhelmed in our childlessness and unsure of who to talk to. What we deal with lives deep within our hearts. I have had my valley moments and wondered if I would ever make it out, to a place of acceptance, joy, and peace.

Grieving manifests in many ways, and over different lengths of time. We are all different, and we deal with things in different ways. Whether your grieving process becomes overwhelming or you are just having a bad day and need to talk to someone on a similar journey, sign up for a one on one session with me, and let’s talk.

1) Please pay for the time you would like, 25 minutes or 45 minutes.

2) Contact me via Facebook Direct Messenger so that we may schedule a time and day as well as a location: Skype or Appearin.

3) For Skype meetings, we will search for each other and you may call me at the appointed time.

4) For Appearin, I will send a link to your email address or to you via Facebook Messenger. Whichever you prefer.

PLEASE NOTE: I am not a licensed Clinician. If during the course of our conversation we decide you need to speak with someone, I will provide contact information for you.

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25mins, 45mins


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