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My Interview with Nina Steele, Founder of Non Parents

What an impactful interview! It was such a pleasure to interview Mrs. Nina Steele. Her platform is to encourage women and men to live a courageous life though childless not by choice. Her concentration is on Africa, in particular Where she is from, The Ivory Coast, and English speaking countries on the Continent.

Nina knows first-hand the culture, traditions, and thoughts that can sometimes put childless not by choice women at risk in Africa; and she is using her own courageous life to create awareness and understanding.

I am really excited about this interview because my platform is global. But I believe that together with other childless not by choice platforms around the world, we can create a network of global awareness.

Can you imagine a world where the issues of childlessness not by choice are no longer whispered about? Can you imagine a world where childless BY choice is no longer whispered about? Can you imagine a world where every country and culture can openly revisit their thoughts and beliefs on the issues of childlessness?

I know it’s possible!     

I would love to hear your thoughts about the interview! Email me, go to my website and leave me a voicemail on Speakpipe. Drop me a review in iTunes. And of course visit me on social media. See Nina’s contact information below, and below that, you will find my contact information. And by the way, here is the link to the survey I mentioned in the episode. I would appreciate it if you would take a moment to fill it out:


Until next time! Bye!


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