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Episode 57 Men, Men, Men, Men!

Hello, everyone!

Thank you for visiting another episode of 21st Century Hannah! I appreciate your taking the time to listen in once again. Thank you to my repeat listeners. And if you are listening for the first time, I hope you will come back for another visit!

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So I was watching a TV show the other night, and in one of the story lines, the couple was having fertility problems. They decided to visit a new doctor for alternative help in getting pregnant. The doctor asked the woman to have labs done. He then turned to the husband and advised him he would have to provide a semen sample. The husband’s response: ‘why?’ 

Do I need to say how imperative it will be to have men on board? They must be included in the conversation to help bring and contribute to the issues of the childless not by choice dynamic globally. Men are typically heads of households around the world, and they must realize many things.

They must be aware of the fact that proper nutrition is important, that childlessness is not always the woman’s ‘fault’, and that there is no shame in going to the doctor as a couple. I know this will be easier said than done in many cultures. Even the so-called Western countries. Remember that TV show I mentioned earlier? That is an up to date television show that airs here in the United States.

I will not pretend to understand the things men have to deal with when interacting with each other and with the world. It must be so difficult sometimes to maneuver the male ego, the interaction with friends, especially those who have children. Men may indeed have the same issues of not producing as women do, but maybe in a slightly different way.       

  • Any men out there who are childless not by choice, any male fertility MD’s?
  • Men, you are an integral part, not only physically, but emotionally.

“A life unlived is no more a life than a picture of a river is a river”–Farzad Khosrownia

  • Shout out to regular listener Elaine S. of Canberra, Australia.
  • Shout out to regular listener Mimi, Orlando, FL, USA.


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 The link below is for a non-mom summit coming up in October:  

The link below is yet another example of how childless women are disrespected:

Well! What do you think about the story below?!


What do you think about this?!  The lengths to which a woman would go not to be childless! 

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