10 Days to Setting Kind but Firm Boundaries


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Hi there! Thank you for taking this course, 10 Days to Setting Kind but Firm Boundaries. I am so glad you are here! Please listen in to the video for more information, before getting started in the course.



Please note: this and all courses are NON-REFUNDABLE. Thank you.


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    • Day One: What are boundaries anyway?
    • Day Two: Those crazy one-liners!
    • Day Three: Why are you taking this class?
    • Day Four: Alone time, are you scared?
    • Day Five: So, when does the kind but firm happen?
    • Day Six: Creating your schedule
    • Day Seven: What are your fears?
    • Day Eight: Review Day
    • Day Nine: Practice
    • Day Ten: Bringing it all together
  • Summary

    • Summary: Please take a moment to watch the short video, and answer the questions below!

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