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Childless not by Choice? Call Me!

This episode is actually a shortcast. I call it that because it is half the time of my typical 30 minute episode.  I did this as a sort of a reverse ‘voicemail’ message. I want to hear from my worldwide listeners.  I want to know your thoughts, and any suggestions you may have.

Also, I now have a second website.  It was created specifically for the woman (and man) who are childless not by choice will be coming online soon.  I am so excited about this new website!

In this shortcast, I also discuss the fact that I do have two groups on Facebook created specifically for women who are childless not by choice.  One group is a Closed group, the other is a Private group.  Message me on Facebook or on Twitter, to have me add you to the group of your choice. Please note that on the new site, you will be able to do this yourself.

Please feel free to subscribe to my free monthly newsletter when you go to my website.  And remember, I have a 31-day devotional that can be ordered from my website. I am hoping to have my interactive 365-day devotional completed by the end of 2016! Say a prayer for me, because many of you know I was hoping to be finished by the end of 2015!  But I want the content to be rich, helpful, perfect!

So I look forward to hearing from you! Don’t forget to subscribe on iTunes! Thank you for your support!

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