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Childless not by Choice? Hang in there!

Hello everyone! Thanks so much for dropping by and listening in to this episode: Hang in there! I am excited to once again be able to encourage the childless not by woman and man!

In this episode, I also discuss facing down the monster of trauma.  Whether that trauma is finding that you are childless not by choice, or any other trauma one has been through.  I equate the monster to the storage room and basement in my childhood home! When you listen it will make sense.

I also speak to the fact that the Childless not by Choice Community does not want to be pitied.  Instead we would prefer empathy. We would also prefer that those who do have children, not assume that we have all the time in the world because we do not have children. 

By the way, the intro to my podcast where I thank my sponsors and supporters, is new with this episode. I am so excited because 21st Century Hannah continues to grow and to evolve!

Thanks again for listening to 21st Century Hannah, I am thankful and humbled that you took the time to listen.

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