I have been in love with words and with books from the time I could read and write. But I never imagined writing books of my own. Then in 2008, I published my first book, ‘Down Again’! ‘Down Again is available at Amazon.com or right here on my website. Just click on the Book Shop tab to place your order!

Then in 2015, I self-published my second book, a devotional called ‘21st Century Hannah, 31 Days of Encouragement’. I wrote this devotional to encourage the hearts of childless not by choice women around the world. But a funny thing has happened. Men and women who do not fit the demographic have been telling me how much the book has encouraged them! This 31-day devotional is just the first in a series of books I am writing, on the issues culturally and socially, surrounding childlessness not by choice.

When I am not working, I love to go to the beach, travel, and hang out with family.  They keep me grounded after all!


Visit me at civillamorgan.com